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Membership is free but if you desire to support the Society, we have collectable patches or stickers at the $5/year level and a t-shirt at the $30/year level. Be sure to include your shirt size at the Trail Blazer level!
Let us know how your found out about us, why you want to join.
In joining the International Lunting Society, you are helping create a platform where tales can be told and bold adventures shared among friends, where every story draws us closer as it contributes to the rich and storied heritage of lunting.

PLEASE NOTE - Each application is reviewed personally and therefore there is not an automated confirmation upon completion.  You will receive a personalized confirmation, typically the very next business, but sometimes it may take longer depending on the the day of the week, holidays or simply the number of applications received.  We at the Society recommend that as you wait to hear from us, you take this time to relax, smoke a bowl of your favorite tobacco as you contemplate your next lunting adventure. 

As always we appreciate your desire to join with us and your patience in this process.  Cheers and Happy Lunting!