New Official Society Trucker Hat!

Limited Quantities!

Lunting Society T-Shirts & Official Society Trucker Hat

These soft and comfortable International Lunting Society t-shirts OR stylish trucker-style hats (your choice - pick one) include free US shipping (Please email for international shipping rates) to all who join the Society at the Trail Blazer level.  However, if you prefer to simply purchase a t-shirt, a hat or both, you may do so HERE.  Either way, what better way to show others you are an individual who is always on the lunt!

Membership at the Trail Blazer level is $30 plus your choice of a Society T-shirts of Society Hat (US shipping included)
Society T-shirts are now $25 each plus shipping without membership
Society Trucker Hats are $20 each (plus shipping without membership)

$4.00 each, (Free when you join at the Lunter level)

$3.00 each (Free when you join at the Lunter level)

Collectible Society Patch OR Sticker

The International Lunting Society official collectible Patch is now available!  After much anticipation, you can now have your very own iron-on Society patch to display your love of lunting everywhere you go!

The official collectible Stickers are as popular as they are fun to collect.  What better way to show your friends and family that you are a distinguished lunter! 

And just as a reminder, if you haven't done so already, join the International Lunting Society at the Lunter level and receive your collectible patch or sticker FREE - US shipping included!

Patches are $4.00 and Stickers are $3.00 plus shipping without membership (email for International rates).